Two simple reasons NAFTA isn’t going anywhere

Canada and Mexico don’t need to worry The two reasons NAFTA isn’t going to be changed are: Congress Corporate America When was the last time those two factions opposed something and it happened against their will? I’m guessing never. In yesterday’s Bank of Canada decision, the statement spelled out NAFTA negotiations as a considerable uncertainty. […]

Big earnings announcements after the close

Stocks are higher with a little over an hour to go in trading todayToday will be a big day from earnings after the close.  Scheduled to release include:  Amazon Alphabet (Google) Intel Microsoft Facebook will release next week on November 1st.  Apple will also release next week on November 2nd.Netflix (another FAANG stock — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, […]

NZD/USD nears the 2017 low

30 pips to go Wretched run for NZD/USD. It’s been a freefall for the kiwi since the surprise election result and coalition. It’s finally closing in on support with the May low of 0.6814 less than 30 pips away. That’s after another 45-pips to the downside today and more than 350 in the past 8 […]

The ECB looked at a 3-month taper option — report

Taper starting in September Draghi said they didn’t even utter the word ‘taper’ in today’s meeting but Bloomberg reports they examined cutting bond buys from 30 billion in Sept, to 20 billion euros in October, to 10 billion in November to 5 billion in December. That’s a quick taper and it’s conditional on better inflation

Head & shoulders: Euro breaks the October low

Euro ticks below the October low The low is 1.1665, which is just shy of the August low of 1.1661 but the long-touted head-and-shoulders pattern is now in place. Of course, you’d like to see a close below 1.1660 to gain any kind of confidence. But it’s not looking good for the