EURUSD orders 29 Aug — All hail the mighty euro

Currently 1.2035 after 1.2038 fresh highs New post-Jan 2015 highs and now +14.5% vs USD this year so far. All a but thin up here now we’ve rinsed 1.2000 offers and triggered the stops Sell interest between 1.2050-65 building. Demand will be building now between 1.2000-20 Offers: 1.2050 1.2065 1.2080 1.2100 1.2130 1.2160 Bids:   1.2020 […]

European equity markets open lower 29 Aug

Softer equity tones as expected as markets officially get underway 29 Aug FTSE -0.6% DAX -0.9% CAC40 -0.9% FTMIB -0.5% Gold flying higher too to post $1324 as N Korea missile launch continues to impact. At least the market has rightly given up on buying yen as a safe haven. Not before time, given Japan has always been in the […]

EURUSD breaks up through 1.2000

All hail the mighty euro as 1.2000 pops in a flash 29 Aug Stops triggered in a rush as anticipated and we’ve seen 1.2032 highs Currently back to 1.2012 with EURGBP 0.9274 from fresh recent highs of 0.9283. EURJPY 130.65 after holding 130.80 in the spike higher. Keep buying those euro dips for the moment […]