All the Australian jobs report previews in one place

Australian January employment data due at 0030 GMT Thursday 15 February 2018 2017 was a good year for jobs growth, let’s see how 2018 begins.Just to make it a bit easier, here are the various posts with previews linked here in one place: ANZ, NAB: Aussie jobs report due Thursday Wespac, CBA, Barclays: Australia January employment report […]

Australia January employment report due soon – previews

Labour market data for January 2018 due from Australia at 0030 GMT I posted previews earlier here: Aussie jobs report due Thursday Australia January employment report due soon — more preview Just wrapping up with a final few now. These via: RBC: Employment generation stepped up in late 2017, with employment averaging almost 36k per […]

Australia January employment report due soon – more preview

The employment market report from Australia is a volatile set of data — due at 0030 GMT I posed a preview here yesterday: Aussie jobs report due Thursday This report has been indicating solid jobs growth and (median consensus) expectations are for more today: Employment Change: expected 15.0K, prior 34.7K Unemployment Rate: expected 5.5%, prior […]

Charlie Munger says Bitcoin is noxious poison

Charles Munger is Warren Buffett’s right hand man. Bloomberg reports on his cryptocurrency comments:  «I never considered for one second having anything to do with it. I detested it the moment it was raised» «It’s just disgusting. Bitcoin is noxious poison.» He’d like it better regulated — says China moves «stepping on it» pretty hard, […]

Active shooter situation at a high school in Florida

Unconfirmed reports of 20 victimsThere is an active shooter situation at a high school in Parkland, Florida. There are unconfirmed of from 20 victims. Although it is unconfirmed.The shooter is still at large.Apparently, this is the 18th school related shooting in 2018.  Amazing.  Disheartening. Thoughts and prayers to all.

Iran arrests 90 FX traders in bid to halt rial slide

Iran makes biggest crackdown on foreign exchange in six years Spare a thought today for your foreign exchange brothers in Iran. Iranian authorities have detained nearly 100 currency traders and frozen bank accounts woth $5.3 billion in a massive crackdown aimed to stop the slide of the rial, which is already down 10% this year. […]