LGT Bank: Time to move away from emerging Asian currencies

Story from Bloomberg with Roy Teo, currency strategist from LGT Bank in SingaporeEmerging Asian currencies have done very well this year. Against the greenback, majority of them have seen gains that not many would have expected at the start of the year given that the Fed is marching forward with its tightening cycle.The story here […]

Markets unfazed by North Korea missile launch

Equity markets recover after a brief dipAs the Nikkei closes up for the day, the Hang Seng and Shanghai Composite index are following suit as well. They’re now both up 0.08% and 0.09% respectively after being briefly lower on the day.Even as North Korea made a special announcement to brag about their missile launching capabilities, investors are […]

BOE’s Cunliffe says pay growth remains a concern

BOE dep gov Cunliffe now moved down the corridor and speaking to BBC Radio 4 domestic cost pressure hasn’t increased yet UK economy’s potential growth has come down inflation pressure due to weakened GBP Bitcoin not an official ccy, more like a commodity GBPUSD still underpinned and currently 1.3381 after it’s sharp rise in NY session on […]