Markets took a break

After the growth of demand last week for defensive assets and, as a consequence, for the US dollar, on Monday, this trend has stopped. Investors assess the prospects of the crisis of the Turkish economy and the degree of the negative impact of the trade war between the US and China. Last week, the collapse […]

Fractal analysis of GOLD as of August 14

Forecast for August 14: Analytical review on the scale of H1: According to Gold, the key levels on the scale of H1 are: 1203.06, 1198, 39, 1195.31, 1191.05, 1188.55 and 1183.34. Here, we follow the development of the downward cycle from August 3. The continuation of the movement downwards is expected after the passage at […]

Dow Digs into Support, But Will Bulls Respond?

Dow Jones Talking Points: — US equities are continuing to pullback after establishing fresh highs just last week. The ‘s2’ support zone we looked at last Thursday has come into play, helping to form support yesterday and again this morning. But – resistance is playing off of the ‘s1’ zone that we had previously looked […]

NZD/USD Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for August 14, 2018

Breakdown of 0.7220-0.7170 (neckline zone) was needed for a bearish breakout of the depicted consolidation range (0.7170 and 0.7350). A quick decline took place towards 0.6700-0.6800 where narrow ranged consolidation range was established. On July 7, evident bullish rejection pushed the NZD/USD pair above 0.6820 temporarily. However, lack of bullish momentum allowed evident bearish decline […]