Why the US dollar fell after Yellen’s comments

Yellen said nothing, why did the dollar move? All week we waited for Janet Yellen’s Jackson Hole comments. In the end, she said nothing at all. The Fed chair spoke about regulation in a speech that was more-or-less a retrospective. She said nothing about the outlook for the economy or monetary policy. The drop in […]

Bitcoin liked Yellen’s comments ; )

In reality….Bitcoin just goes upDid Yellen’s comments send bitcoin higher?   I can’t really connect the dots on that one, but the so called cyprtocurrency is moving higher today.  The price has nearly recovered all of the near 20% decline from the highs from last week (it bottomed on Wednesday and quickly recovered).As outline in […]

Is the strategy on Draghi to buy the dip?

Draghi is between a rock and a hard place Draghi has two options: 1) Make a hawkish shift now, or 2) make a hawkish shift later. The market knows it. The market has known it for months and that’s why every euro dip is bought. Even if you get the timing wrong, you get the […]

European stocks end the day little changed

For the week, the results are mixedThe European session is ending with most of the major indices flat on the day: German Dax is ending unchanged France’s Cac ends down -0.1% UK FTSE ends up 0.1% Spain’s Ibex down -0.1% Italy’s FTSE MIB ends up 0.1%,  Portugal PSI20 ends down -0.58% For the week the […]

Well…the trend line in the USDCAD held

Moves toward lower trend line (well it is moving that way)The USDCAD raced up to a topside trend just before Yellens comments.  The trend line stalled the rally and the price rotated lower.  In fact the lows near 1.2500 were taken out, and the price has pushed to a session low at 1.2483.   The […]