EUR/USD analysis for October 03, 2017

Recently, the EUR/USD has been trading upwards. The price tested the level of 1.1762. According to the 15M time -frame, I found a breakout of the upward trendline, which is a sign that buying looks risky. There is a hidden bearish divergence on the moving average oscillator, which is another sign of weakness. My advice […]

Fiat Chrysler sales down -9.7%

That’s the bad newsThe Fiat Chrysler sales fot the month of September fell -9.7%. That is the bad news. The good news is the estimate was for a -13.0% decline.  Weather is expected to have made an impact this month.

Fed’s Powell speaking but on regulatory reform

No comment on Fed chair future Wants to preserve the benefits of stress testing There is room to address the burden of the Volcker Rule that is put on some firms Wants to preserve gains from core of post-crisis reform Almost time on removing qualitative test from stress testing on large banks Regulators have significant […]

Bitcoin analysis for October 03, 2017

The Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading downwards. As I expected, the price tested the level of $4.241. Goldman Sachs may enter the cryptocurrency trading arena. Goldman Sachs interest in bitcoin started off with the firm discounting nearly every benefit the technology had to offer a few years ago. A couple of years down the line […]