Bitcoin analysis for 04/10/2017

Bitcoin analysis for 04/10/2017: Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, is investigating the possibility of introducing new cryptocurrency-based trading operations. This is what the GS press spokesman described as «customer interest in virtual currencies.» The Wall Street Journal explains that the study is ongoing and may not produce any results. […]

Burning forecast 10.04.2017

Burning forecast 10.04.2017 EURUSD: Buying looks preferable. On Tuesday, euro sellers and dollar buyers suffered a severe loss. Neither the crisis of Catalonia — Spain, nor the strongest data on the US economy helped to maintain the EURUSD rate below the level of 1.1700. Selling closed on the stop-loss (at the break-even point 1.1770). Now, […]

Trading plan for 04/10/2017

Trading plan for 04/10/2017: After publication of the Bloomberg article (the list of prospects for the new Fed chairman was closed to four people), the US dollar was sold out across the board, although the reaction was brief. EUR/USD jumped to 1.11780, USD/JPY decreased to 112.50. The most profitable are AUD and NZD. The stock […]

Forex — Dollar Slips Lower as Market Pauses

© Reuters. Dollar pulls back from 1-1/2 month highs — The dollar slipped lower against a basket of the other major currencies on Wednesday as markets weighed speculation over who will be the next Federal Reserve Chairman and ahead of U.S. jobs data that will be released later this week. The U.S. dollar index, […]

Investor Menunggu Pembahasan RUU, USDJPY Melemah ke 112.49

Monexnews -USDJPY melemah seiring menurunnya yield obligasi AS dan dolar yang tengah melemah setelah dirasakan telah menguat tajam sejak pekan lalu. Investor bermain aman dengan menjual dolar sambil menanti hasil pembahasan legislasi kebijakan pemotongan pajak dan masa depan undang-undang kesehatan yang dikenal dengan Obamacare. USDJPY diperdagangkan di 112.49, melemah 33 pip dari penutupan kemarin.  Sementara […]