Trading plan 04/10/2017

Trading plan 04/10/2017 The overall picture of EUR/USD: We are playing the way out of the range. On Tuesday, euro sellers and dollar buyers suffered a severe defeat. Neither the crisis of Catalonia — Spain nor the strongest data on the US economy helped to keep the EUR/USD rate below the level of 1.1700. Our […]

How to get the most out of forex trends?

«Just follow a trend», they said. «Buy in an uptrend, sell in a downtrend. It’s as simple as it sounds». Everyone who tried trading knows that trend trading is not that simple at all. A quote presumably by Leonardo da Vinci comes to mind: «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.» In this article we’d like to […]

Global macro overview for 04/10/2017

Global macro overview for 04/10/2017: The UK PMI Construction data were worse than expected for the first time in 13 months. According to IHS Markit, the Construction PMI for September was at the level of 48.1, while market participants expected a figure around 51.1 points. A drop below fifty means this sector of UK economy […]

GBPUSD Menguat ke 1.3256 Jelang PMI Sektor Jasa Inggris

Monexnews — Pasangan GBPUSD menguat tipis di tengah pelemahan dolar AS dan menjelang rilis data PMI sektor jasa Inggris. Dolar melemah disebabkan berita Menteri Keuangan AS Steven Mnuchin lebih suka kepada Jerome Powell dibandingkan Kevin Warsh. Selain itu pasar bersikap wait and see menanti hasil pembahasan kebijakan pemotongan pajak di parlemen. Saat ini pasangan GBPUSD […]