Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 opens higher

It is up 0.25% in early tradeThe Australian stock market is open and the S&P/ASX is opening up 21 points or +0.35% in early trading.In the forex market, the AUDUSD traded to the lowest level since June 7th yesterday and is trading near the lows at 0.7504 (low 0.7507 and high 0.7513). Technically, the price fell […]

Euro and pound take a pause

Eurozone The first signs of a decline in activity in the eurozone increase the chances of a reversal in the main currency pair in favor of the dollar. The confidence index of Sentix investors decreased in December to 31.1 points, which is lower than the forecast of 33.6 points and lower than the level of […]

Its official… US Senate votes to pass the stopgap bill to avert shutdown

Voting continues.The White House he says that Republicans and Democrats Congressional leaders agreed to resume negotiations on a two year budget deal on Friday. Ryan and McConnell stressed that legislation addressing so-called dreamers, other immigration issues should be separate from long-term government funding bill.  Of course Schummer and Pelosi, might be thinking differently.   The stopgap bill […]

US Senate will vote on the stop gap funding bill later in the US evening

No time disclosed…The bill is expected to pass.However, the funding is only to Dec 22.  The next vote might be more politically motivated.  US House speaker Ryan, Senate Republican leader McConnell viewed meeting with Trump, Democratic leaders as productive.Democrats Pelosi and Schumer cite productive budget talks with Trump, but nothing specific agreed to on longer term […]

Goldman plans to clear bitcoin futures for «some» clients

Why not if they can earn some commission.Goldman plans to clear bitcoin futures for «some» clients. What «some» I imagine is for those with plenty of margin in their accounts.  As Adam pointed out, the futures exchange will require 35% margin. The clearing brokers like Goldman might demand more margin.  My version of Bitcoin is trading […]

Economic calendar in the Asian Pacific session

What to expect.. New Zealand manufacturing sales for 3Q at 4:45 PM ET/2145 GMT. No estimate Japan GDP QoQ 3Q final.  The estimate is 0.4% vs. 0.3% for the prior estimate. Annualized QoQ is estimated at 1.5% vs 1.4% in the earlier estimate.  The release will eb at 6:50 PM ET/2350 GMT Japan BoP Current […]