Bitcoin analysis for 07/12/2017

Indonesian Central Bank revealed that it is considering introducing new regulations that would prohibit Bitcoin transactions from 2018. Chief of Transformation Onny Vidjanarkko said yesterday that the bank wants to introduce a ban because of concerns about the potential use of Bitcoin in financing terrorism, money laundering and trade drugs. The Central Bank, which has […]

Bitcoin clears the $15,000 mark

One step at a time, one thousand (more like a couple) in a day, eh?Well, anything is possible at this point. Isn’t it?ICYMI, Greg had a very good post earlier in the day here about trading the cryptocurrency (in fact, it can cover trading in general) and what levels that’s keeping the virtual currency up.In […]

Pound looking perky so far but sellers lurking still

 A decent session so far for the pound 7 DecFailure to get below 1.3350, EURUSD stuck around 1.1785 on options interest and EURGBP falling through 0.8800 triggering stops to the next support area all helping.After triggering a few stops above 1.3400 GBPUSD has been up to look at the 1.3425 area where we capped yesterday […]

More from the order boards 7 Dec

Here’s the latest on other key pairs 7 Dec Note: Offers = Sellers at these levels. Bids = Buyers at these levels. These orders, and the others I post, are generally good until filled/ level breached. USDCHF: 0.9914 still underpinned as I’ve been warning in recent sessions. Most recently here. Offers: 0 0.9930 0.9950 0.9980 1.0000 Bids:  0.9880  0.9850 0.9830 0.9800 0.9780 0.9750 […]

Eurozone Q3 GDP final QQ 0.6% as expected

Eurozone Q3 GDP final report now out 7 Dec 0.6% flash yy SA 2.6% vs 2.5% exp/flash gross fixed cap qq 1.1% vs 0.7% exp vs 2.2% prev up from 0.9% govt exp qq 0.2% vs 0.3% exp vs 0.3% prev down from +0.5% household consumption qq 0.3% vs 0.4% exp vs 0.5% prev Slight […]

Trading plan for 07/12/2017

The US Dollar is well on Thursday with a fresh dose of hope for enacting a tax bill in the US. Australia’s weak trade balance pushed AUD down, but NZD is losing the most. EUR / USD is sitting at 1.18, but USD / JPY approaches 112.60 with the help of the growing Tokyo stock […]

USD/JPY extends to the upside, touches session high

The pair continues its march higher on the day, up to 112.69The 112.70 level is a minor resistance point right now, as the upside move during the last hour stalled here. It coincides with the 30 Nov and 5 Dec rejection points¹.Meanwhile, to the upside there’s a bit more resistance levels nearby sitting at the […]