EUR/USD: Do not rush to bury the euro

So, the key events of the trading week are behind us: now we can sum up the first results by evaluating dispositions and prospects. The Fed and the European Central Bank have spoken, to some extent surprising the market with the sounded position. In a kind of two-day confrontation, the dollar won after all, having […]

ECB stops the bulls

Eurozone The ECB kept the benchmark rate at the meeting on Thursday at the level of 0%, a decision that was expected by the market and therefore did not lead to an increase in volatility. The deposit and marginal rates were also maintained at previous levels. The record low levels will be kept at least […]

The ECB disappointed traders

The ECB disappointed traders The ECB said it would complete its program of injections into the markets in December 2018, but the ECB will not raise the rate until at least the summer of 2019. This knocked down the euro against the dollar: it became clear that the Fed has a significant margin for raising […]

The ECB bet the euro

At first glance, the fall in the US dollar following the June FOMC meeting looks like an anomaly. The Fed raised its forecast for GDP by 2018 by 0.1 percentage point to 2.8%, inflation — by 0.2 pp to 2.1%, at the rate for federal funds — from 2.125% to 2.375%, lowered the estimate of […]