Euro a daddy’s fool

EUR/USD As a result of yesterday’s ECB meeting, the euro fell by 220 points. According to media reports, the ECB has taken a «sensational» decision to reduce asset purchases to its balance sheet (QE program) from the current 30 billion euros a month to 15 billion euros from October to complete the program in December […]

The yen follows the traditional scenario

USD/JPY In the first half of Thursday, the situation on the Japanese yen was overshadowed by the release of weak industrial production in China in May. Industrial Production slowed its growth from 7.0% y/y to 6.8% y/y against an expected smaller decline to 6.9 % y/y. But in Japan, the final report on industrial production […]

BTC/USD Testing Resistance, Prepare For Reversal!

Reason for the trading strategy (fundamentally): Bitcoin’s latest crash may be over after the value of the cryptocurrency stabilized Thursday. The plunge began Sunday, with several factors possibly feeding into it, including a cyberheist that hit South Korea’s Coinrail cryptocurrency exchange—even though no bitcoins were stolen—and a U.S. regulatory probe into Bitcoin price manipulation. Bitcoin’s […]

EUR/AUD Bounced Off Support, Prepare For Further Rise

EUR/AUD bounced off his support at 1.5444 (100% Fibonacci extension, 61.8% Fibonacci retracement, horizontal swing low support) and we expect it to rise further to its resistance at 1.5655 (horizontal swing high resistance). We do have to be cautious of the intermediate resistance at 1.5555 (50% Fibonacci retracement, horizontal overlap resistance). Stochastic (89, 5, 3) […]

Fractal analysis: GOLD on June 15

Forecast for June 15: Analytical review on the scale of H1: For gold, the key levels on the scale of H1 are: 1317.09, 1311.22, 1308.28, 1304.49, 1299.37, 1295.86, 1291.63 and 1287.67. There the continuation of the upward movement is expected after the breakdown of 1304.50, in this case the first target is 1308.28, in the […]