Audio recap: A clear distinction

A look at trading so far todayConcern about the US deficit and soft Dollar policy have been driving the FX market, with the flow weighing on the Buck overall. Still, there was a clear distinction in the price action on Thursday, with the Buck down against the major currencies, but managing to recover against commodity […]

Bids at 106.15 send USD/JPY back higher

Possible double bottom on the intraday chart USD/JPY is tracking the ebb and flow in equities closely today in a much quieter day. It tried to break the Asian low of 106.18 earlier but the lows held. That raises the possibility of a double-bottom on the short term chart. Y You would want to see […]

Canadian house prices fell 2.93% in January

Canadian Real Estate Association number I hate housing data from real estate associations. They’re filled with positive spin and selectively-presented numbers to make the market look better than it is. Given the run-up in Canadian housing, CREA is particularly bad. You have to dig through their numbers to find the real story. Today the reported […]

USD/JPY can’t get off the floor

Fresh challenge of the Asian lows The earlier low of 106.18 in USD/JPY is under pressure as stock markets slip into negative territory. What stands out is the lack of any substantial bounce despite the fall to a 15-month low. There is no significant support nearby, although there is the pre-US election high of 105.53. […]

Can ideology and investment co-exist?

Keep ideas separate, or put them together One of the all-time great investments was made in 2004 by Peter Thiel. He bought 10% of Facebook for $500,000. He sold almost all of it prematurely but still made out with many millions, if not billions. Today it would be worth $50 billion. Thiel made is fortune […]