The yen hit the politics network

The Japanese yen was optimistic about the information regarding the inability of Angela Merkel to form a coalition in Germany. The risks of repeated parliamentary elections or minority governments increased the market uncertainty and hiked the demand for safe haven assets. As a result, the USD / JPY pair confidently moved to a 1.5-month low, […]

Trading plan 20.11 — 24.11.2017

Trading plan 20.11 — 24.11.2017 The overall picture: Merkel’s problems with the government caused the euro to decline. Unexpected news came out on Sunday: Merkel could not form a majority in the parliament (failed to create a ruling coalition) — and now, most likely, there will be new elections. Merkel’s problem arose with the Free […]

USD/CAD Hugs Trend Line, But For How Much Longer?

Previously, we wrote how USD/CAD may soon begin a resumption of the downtrend. The corrective phase higher appears to be extending for the time being. The wave from the October 31 high to the November 10 low appears to be a three wave zigzag pattern. This shifts the odds that any weakness may prove to […]