Forecast for EUR/USD as of August 13, 2018

EUR/USD Last Friday, the markets could not resist the crisis in emerging markets and the euro fell by 115 points — investors massively bought the dollar and as an additional insurance left their stock market — the S&P 500 fell by 0.71%. It is interesting to see President Trump’s emotional assessment of this situation: «I […]

GBP / USD pair for August 13. Trading system «Regression channels». Macroeconomic reports on Friday did not affect the course

4-hour timeframe Technical data: Senior channel of linear regression: direction — down. The younger channel of linear regression: direction — down. Moving average (20, smoothed) — down. CCI: -123.8624 The GBP / USD currency pair also continued to confidently move downwards without a single sign of correction on August 10. The preliminary value of UK […]