USDJPY orders 16 Feb — The tumble continues

Currently 105.72 after 105.55 lows Yen demand/market fragility/USD supply all combining again A few bids at 105.50 preventing further losses for the moment. Offers building between 106.00-30 then 106.50 I remain a rally seller and playing from the short side until otherwise convinced, taking profit in the dips . Offers: 105.85 106.00 106.30 106.50 106.80 107.00 Bids:   105.65 105.50 105.00 104.80 […]

Nikkei 225 closes up 1.19% at 21,720.25

Positive tones for Japanese equities 16 Feb  topix +1.05% at 1737.37 Rtrs headline also that the usual MOF, Fin Services Agency and BOJ will hold regular meeting on markets today.USDJPY 105.70 having held 105.50. Keep selling those rallies!Bitcoin a Bubble? Five insights from the ASAC

Daily analysis of Gold for February 15, 2018

Overview Silver price resumes its positive trading calmly after surpassing the EMA50, which supports the continuation of our bullish trend expectations for the rest of the day, where our next target at 17.43, pointing that stochastic keeps providing the suggested bullish wave, and its continuation conditioned by holding above 16.56 and the most important above […]