Calendrier et analyse fondamentale EUR/USD : Le programme sera de nouveau chargé du coté des Etats-Unis aujourd’hui

Le calendrier économique de ce vendredi 22 décembre sera assez chargé en publications US potentiellement influentes sur le Forex. 8h : Ce matin nous suivrons d’abord la confiance des consommateurs Gfk en Allemagne, attendue en légère hausse à 10.8 contre 10.7 précédemment. 14h30 : L’après midi les traders surveilleront ensuite les commandes de biens durables, […]

EUR/USD : L’Euro recule sur le Forex alors que le risque politique refait surface avec la Catalogne

La paire EUR/USD est retombée sous le support des 1.1860/1.1850 suite aux résultats de l’élection catalane. En effet, le vote du nouveau Parlement en Catalogne a mis les indépendantistes en tête, leur offrant potentiellement une majorité absolue en cas de coalition. Les trois listes séparatistes obtiennent ensemble 70 sièges sur 135, soit deux de plus […]

Quick (and quiet) update on FX markets so far today

AUD leads the way so far, EUR lagging behindThe AUD is leading the way on the day so far, but the move is still relatively contained. It’s just a little off session highs against the USD — sitting at 0.7716 now. Positive risk sentiment in both the equities and commodities space is driving it higher […]

Nikkei 225 closes up +0.16% at 22,902.76

Tokyo’s main index closes higher on the day Session high 22,908.84 Session low 22,801.16 A positive day for Japanese stocks — and Asian equity markets in general — following yesterday’s close higher in both European and US equities.Here’s a summary in Asia so far: Australia’s ASX 200 +0.15% at 6,069.70 HK’s Hang Seng +0.34% at […]

How tech companies target your daily life

We all only have 24 hours a day, but without realising it, we’re actually surrounded by technologyHow much time do you spend at your work desk during the day? How often do you check your Facebook/Instagram/Gmail? How much time do you spend watching TV?We spend most of our time either working or on leisure activities […]

The balance of power for Bitcoin is shifting

It’s all about virtual currencies today, as everything crypto-related is downYesterday’s close for Bitcoin (from the Bloomberg composite) was almost 21% off the year’s high posted just four days back. According to Wall Street definition, we’ve entered a bear market for Bitcoin.Today, prices plunged further and touched lows at the $13,000 level. It has rebounded […]