Goldman Sachs on non-farm payrolls

What Goldman Sachs economists have to say about non-farm payrolls While we believe payrolls and average hourly earnings are both likely to miss consensus estimates, we think tomorrow’s employment report may be somewhat less important than usual for the monetary policy outlook, because: recent data have been firm so we have some room for a […]

Mexico says it won’t renegotiate NAFTA under threat of six-month trigger to end it

US has continually threatened to deliver the six-month notice Comments from Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo who has been in Washington since Tuesday. He spoke with Bloomberg. Mexico needs to prepare its alternative Mexico refuses to negotiate under unnecessary threat Trade talks with Europe, Argentina, Brazil advanced Looks to incorporate Australia into new trade deals Dispute […]

Bitcoin likes the up and down dollar ; )

In reality Bitcoin just goes up (and it DOES like techicals)Did the up and down dollar send bitcoin higher?   Was it the claims, personal income and spending, or maybe PCE?  Did the rise in gold or oil propel the price higher?I can’t really connect the dots on that one, but the cyprtocurrency is moving […]

Mnuchin comment getting credit for weaker US dollar

Mnuchin talked about the currency Normally the Treasury Secretary is a reliable cheerleader for the dollar but in an interview with CNBC earlier today. «Obviously, the short-term issues of the dollar have both positive and negative impacts for different parts of the economy,» Mnuchin said in an interview. «Obviously, as it relates to trade, having […]