Trading plan for 27/12/2017

Just before the start of the European session, a slight retreat of oil is observed. The commodity prices are losing 0.5%, but still remain close to the 2.5-year highs. On the precious metals market, the leading one is palladium with 1.3% gains. Wednesday’s morning on the currency market is marked by a retreat of the […]

Les options Forex qui vont expirer ce mercredi 27 décembre 2017

Comme chaque jour, vous retrouverez ci-dessous une sélection non exhaustive de grosses lignes d’options Forex arrivant a échéance aujourd’hui. Pour plus d’informations sur la manière dont intégrer les expirations d’options à vos analyses de devises, consultez cet article. EUR/USD: 1.1800 (EUR 213m), 1.1850-55 (387m), 1.1900 (782m) USD/JPY: 111.50 (USD 1.0bn), 111.90 (300m), 112.50 (216m), 113.00 […]

Aussie and kiwi moves bound by AUD/NZD pair

The AUD is leading the way today, along with the NZDBut the move is mainly AUD/NZD driven. Flows that are keeping the pair bid is helping to boost the AUD today.The December trendline support is still holding — but upside moves are well capped by the 100-day MA over the last two weeks. The  wedge […]

European equities open mixed to start the day

European equity indices open with a mixed tone today, but small changes Eurostoxx opens flat DAX +0.1% CAC 40 -0.1% FTSE opens flat CAC 40 -0.1% FTSE MIB +0.2% IBEX -0.2% Small changes across the board, in a mixed opening. Not much to take away from the openings as thin liquidity could play a factor […]

FX option expiries for the 10am NY cut — 27 Dec 2017

What’s on the board for today’s cut EUR/USD: 1.1800 (EUR 213m), 1.1850-55 (387m), 1.1900 (782m) USD/JPY: 111.50 (USD 1.0bn), 111.90 (300m), 112.50 (216m), 113.00 (2.9bn), 113.50 (280m) GBP/USD: 1.3325 (GBP 325m), 1.3360-70 (358m), 1.3380-85 (238m) USD/CHF: — USD/CAD: — AUD/USD: — NZD/USD: — EUR/GBP: — AUD/NZD: — A decent one for EUR/USD at 1.1900 and […]

Chip makers aren’t banking on cryptocurrencies next year

Nvidia and AMD leave «cypto-mining» out of their forecastsMining cryptocurrencies isn’t something new, but you would require high-end GPUs to actually power these computers to mine stuff like Bitcoin or Ethereum. And that has helped benefit sales in companies like Nvidia and AMD — the producers of these GPUs.Reports say that Nvidia is crediting about […]