Wilbur Ross says the US government has not sanctioned Russia’s Sibur so there is nothing wrong

US commerce secretary Ross talking to the BBC 6 Nov

  • just because Sibur happens to be called a Russian company does not mean there’s evil in it
  • where there is evil is the misstatement that I did not disclose those holdings in my original form
  • there is ntg whatsoever improper about Navigator having a relationship with Sibur

Ross is replying to allegations of failing to fully disclose business interests, through a stake in shipping company Navigator, with Russian petrochemical company Sibur uncovered by the so called Paradise Papers on tax havens. Papers leaked to the BBC and others reveal  Ross has retained an interest in Navigator which earns
millions of dollars a year transporting oil and gas for Sibur whose shareholders include Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law and
two men subject to US sanctions.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal has called for an investigation, telling NBC News that Ross had given Congress the impression he no longer held shares in the shipping company.

«Our committee was misled, the American people were misled by the concealment of those companies.»

More from the BBC here

Further political intrigue attaching itself to the Trump administration. Ross was the man who helped stave off bankruptcy for Trump in the 90s.                     Ross — Nothing wrong in dealing with Russian company Sibur

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