Warsh met with Vice President Pence about Fed Chair job last week

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kevin Warsh met with Vice President Pence the same day Donald Trump interviewed Janet Yellen about the positionIf you aren’t completely over this ****in’ saga already (you can probably guess how I am feeling about the whole ***in’ thing 😀 ) here is more:

  • WSJ cite «according to a White House aide»
  • Pence has been part of a small group of senior White House officials who have been vetting candidates
  • Warsh is a former Morgan Stanley executive who served on the Fed board from 2006 to 2011
  • He and Mr. Taylor are favorites among some Republicans in Congress
  • Advocates say Mr. Warsh would tolerate the faster economic growth Mr. Trump has promised to achieve through tax cuts and looser regulation without raising rates too quickly, though as a Fed governor after the financial crisis he argued against easy-money policies that were meant support growth.

Link for even MOAR (its the Journal, so may be gated): Warsh Met With Vice President Pence About Top Fed Job Last Week
A pic of Pence (and the big guy!) instead of a pic of Warsh.

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