USDJPY orders 9 March — Option interest capping risk-on rallies

Currently 106.72 near session lowsLarge options in play at 107.00  today  and helping to cap after the 105.50 option interest provided support this week. 
I said this yesterday here and in other posts: «very large interest at 107.00 still expected to provide supply should we get anywhere near»
I do hope you read and took advantage or else I really am wasting my time here.
Demand now building into 106.50 with larger interest between 106.00-30
I still prefer the USDJPY rally-sell/yen-long side for moment but Japanese year-end fast approaching to reduce some of the yen demand  as I said yesterday along now with risk-on sentiment as Trump/Kim meeting gives an air of reduced tension.

Offers: 106.80 107.00 107.30 107.50 108.00

Bids:   106.50 106.30 106.00 105.80 105.65 105.50

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