USDJPY orders 2 March — Yen buying notable again

Currently 105.84 after finding support into 105.70

105.50-106.50 covers it for the moment with some USD moves variable and month/year-end yen repatriation flows/Kuroda comments helping to contain rallies.

A few options at 107.25 today to keep a lid on things should we get anywhere near.

I still prefer the USDJPY rally-sell/yen-long side with 105.50-55 remaining the next line in the sand to the downside. Expect some stops to be triggered if breached.

Offers:  106.00 106.30 106.50 106.80-85 107.00-05 107.20-25

Bids:    105.70 105.50-55 105.30 105.00 104.85 104.50

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