USD/JPY continues its climb in early Tokyo trade

Hopes that US President Trump’s proposed steel and aluminium tariffs are just for show is a talking pointHelping the yen to ease overnight … and of course setting us up for a freak out rally for the yen later when the next talking point is , «Nope, he is serious!» 
And so the show goes on … 😀 
USD/JPY has continued higher this AM, popping to a fresh high (from overnight higs)

Yen crosses up along side
Other currencies not doping too much at all … AUD/USD tested above 0.7770 (running into the first resistance I ahd noted earlier: 

  • Plenty coming up from Australia today -previews and levels of interest for the AUD

Added: Popping there now also as I update … other currencies getting a benefit as the yen slips

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