US stocks love Trump/tax reform. Nasdaq and small caps outperform

S&P up 0.41%. Nasdaq up 1.15%. Russel 2000 up 1.9%The US stocks love tax reform and Trump announced the framework for his tax reform program.  

  • The S&P closed up 0.41% at 2507.04. It closed below the record close at 2508.24
  • The Nasdaq closed at 6453.26, up 73.09 points or 1.15%. It close below the record close at of 6461.32.
  • The Dow closed at 22340.71, up 56.39 points or 0.25%
  • The Russell 2000 closed at a record 1484.812, up 27.949 points up 1.92%. That was a record.  

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