US Commerce Secretary Ross. Pres. Trump places great deal of emphasis on UK bilateral trade

Not worried about negotiating trade deals with UKIn time of turmoil and uncertainty with EU, US Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross is throwing UK a trade bone.
He says:

  • President Trump places great deal of Emphasis on bilateral trade with UK
  • UK US relationship can be even stronger
  • tells UK we want to be your number one trading partner worldwide
  • convinced a historic trade deal between UK and US would bolster already strong partnership
  • says we are holding preliminary scoping discussions about strengthening economic ties 
  • confident US — UK dialogue will put us in good position for trade talks
  • Removal of tariff and nontariff barriers will be critical component of any trade talks 
  • must avoid convergence and regulations and standards
  • EU tariffs are generally quite a bit higher than ours
  • US can focus on improving UK trade ties on aviation
  • As UK faces Brexit, we stand ready to deepen ties with Britain
  • Brexit opens up prospects of deeper US trade with UK
  • Vital that Brexit agreement takes into account US interests
  • EU talks free trade but is actually highly protectionists
  • Not withdrawing from trade with Asia, but withdrew from flawed TPP trade deal

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