Update to the USD — has weakened further (not large movement)

Just a quick update to forex rates in Asia

Apart from news and data I’ve posted there is nothing else fresh.

The USD has continued to lose ground;

 EUR/USD is now up 60-odd points on the session from its low earlier. not a large move, but significant in Asia time certainly.

Moves elsewhere also notable (for the Asian time zone) 

I’ve seen narratives saying the USD weakness is because of Powell to be appointed as fed Chair. That ‘news’ has been around for a couple of days now (according to various unnamed sources that are being quoted over the past few days — I guess the more it is repeated the more it is seen as credible … we’ll soon get the final result though, Thursday US time) so I am treating that with a grain of salt. As far as flows go, no notable names/sectors ri’ve heard.

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