UK’s May says she is leaving US in no doubt as to the seriousness of the Russian double agent poisoning

UK PM May out with more comments on the current hot topic 14 March

  • leaving US in NO doubt
  • we will continue to speak with the US administration in order to encourage them to work with UK on the matter

Trump has already said the US will help as have the EU despite Kremlin denials of any involvement.
Earlier Adam posted on the UK expelling 23 Russian diplomats and there will be no UK govt/royal attendees at this Summer’s soccer World Cup.
Harry and Wills yet to comment but they won’t be happy. Harry surely had it down on his list of honeymoon destinations!
Not the first poisoning of Russian agents in the UK but given the fragile times currently prevailing this is rapidly becoming the most likely to escalate.
GBP yet to react in any real manner with GBPUSD still pinned down 1.3940-80 for the most part underpinned by EURGBP supply but sell interest via GBPJPY interest          Harry and Wills discussing how best to smuggle themselves to Russia
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