UK’s May says it’s up to government to mitigate side effects of BOE policy

UK PM May with a key note speech at the BOE conference 28 Sept

  • actions to solve one problem can create others
  • govt needs to look at impact of low interest rates on savers
  • Brexit implementation period will be time limited
  • not in EUs interest to see European financial markets fragment

May has been banging on about the joys of free markets/capitalism to offset the socialist tones of Labour Party leader Corbyn to the party faithful yesterday.

Q&A now in progress

  • will keep stressing importance of Bombardier to N Ireland
  • elements of protectionism are creeping in around the world
  • Watch it all live here.

    Update: 09.14.. It’s all over

    GBPUSD back to 1.3371 after fresh session lows 0f 1.3343.  EURGBP 0.8800 from 0.8809 highs

    Full day’s agenda here:

                                                  «Oi Theresa , mitigate my policy?»

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