UK Sept Nationwide HPI mm 0.2% vs 0.1% exp

UK Sept Nationwide HPI data now out 29 Sept

  • -0.1% prev
  • yy 2.0% vs 1.9% vs 2.1% exp

Small improvement belying current sentiment overall with a stalling market noted as per my convo with a local estate agent yesterday.

GBPUSD 1.3411 near session lows after the failure into 1.3450 yesterday, I hope the rally sellers out there took good advantage.

Says Nationwide:

  • London housing the weakest in UK for first time since 2005 with house prices down -0.5% yy
  • UK housing market can withstand modest impact of a small interest rate hike as long as economy does not weaken further

Cautionary words as per my note above.

Heads up that I’m just hearing on BBC Radio 4 they have BOE gov Carney on the Today programme at 07.10 GMT

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