UK legislation for withdrawal from EU scheduled to be debated in parliament 14 Nov

UK government statement just out 26 OctLots of toys been coming out of the pram since Brexit sec Davis yesterday implied that UK parliament would not get to debate any final deal until after the official deadline of March 2019
PM May and Davis himself have this morning been back-tracking and clarifying their position amid the usual media heckling from opposition parties and indeed some from within their own ranks.
An urgent question has been tabled for parliament and Davis now says that if negotiations go as anticipated then UK parliament will vote on deal before Dec 2018/Jan 2019
What a load of Brexsh*t
Meanwhile GBPUSD recovering some poise and back to 1.3230 from 1.3179 lows. EURGBP down to 0.8926 with ECB looming ever larger. Article Source

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