UK expels 23 Russian diplomats, gives them one week to leave

The expulsions are in response to the poisoning of a former spy

The UK believes the nerve agent used on Sergei Skripal and his daughter came from Russia and has demanded a response.

Comments from May:

  • Russia’s response has shown complete disdain, offered no explanation
  • Russians have shown sarcasm, contempt and defiance
  • Represents and unlawful use of force against the UK
  • This is immediate action to dismantle espionage network
  • This is the single biggest expulsion in 30 years
  • Will harden defenses against hostile state activity in UK
  • Will also table an amendment to strengthen actions against the abuse of human rights
  • There is no place for corrupt elites in the UK
  • Says will freeze Russian state assets wherever they have evidence of a threat
  • Cannot share some measures which UK will take publicly
  • Spoke to Trump, Merkel and Macron in the last 24 hours, will coordinate efforts

The talk about dirty money in the UK rings a bit hollow. There is a lot of real estate in London owned by Russians. The UK has been happy to let it drive up the price of London real estate for a decade.

Another point: There was a lot of talk about booting out RT or Sputnik but May didn’t.

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