UK CBI Sept trends total orders 7 vs 13 exp

 UK CBI Sept trends total orders report 22 Sept

  • 13 prev
  • trends selling prices 18 vs 19 prev
  • mftg ouput expectations 28 vs 30 prev
  • mftg output balance 17 vs 30 prev, lowest since June due to weaker food and drink output

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Industrial Trends Orders measures the economic expectations of the manufacturing executives in the U.K. It is a leading indicator of business conditions. A level above zero indicates order volume is expected to increase; a level below zero indicates expectations are for lower volumes. The reading is compiled from a survey of about 550 manufacturers.

Not tier 1 data but all to throw in the mix.

Says the CBI:

  •  Both total order books and export order books were reported as being comfortably above normal levels in the three months to September.
  • Total orders softened somewhat compared with August, reflecting lower volumes of orders among Mechanical Engineering firms in particular, though the trend was relatively broad-based with 9 of the 17 sub-sectors reporting a decline relative to August.
  • Growth in the volume of output eased over the past three months, but remained strong. The slowdown was driven by the food and drink sector.
  •  Next quarter, total output growth is expected to accelerate, broadly matching the pace seen in the three months to August

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