Trump said to meet with Kevin Warsh about Federal Reserve leadership — report

WSJ report

From the WSJ:

«President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin met with Kevin Warsh on Thursday to discuss his potential nomination as the next Federal Reserve chairman, a White House official said.»

The same report said former BB&T CEO John Allison was offered a role as a Fed governor but turned it down earlier this year.

Here’s the key tidbit:

«Mr. Warsh, a veteran Republican economic policy maker, is married to Jane Lauder, granddaughter of cosmetic icon Estée Lauder.His father-in-law, businessman Ron Lauder, has been lobbying the White House to have the president name his son-in-law to the central bank’s highest post, said people familiar with those conversations.»

Update: Bloomberg confirms that Warsh met with Trump and Mnuchin yesterday.

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