Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Trump would like to kill the healthcare mandate

Speaking on Bloomberg

  • Killing healthcare mandate would free up a lot of money
  • We’re sensitive to need of state tax exemption
  • Preference is to start corporate tax rate decline in 2018
  • House move on carried interest step in right direction
  • President would like to have estate tax repealed
  • Part of dollar exchange move is the strength in the US economy. 
  • There short-term concerns about trade as a result of the dollar
  • President is concerned about fair reciprocal two-way trade
  • Doesn’t think Yellen has made a decision whether to stay on the Fed board.
  • US at least pay the bills through January.  Hopefully get the debt ceiling raised in December
  • Objective is to get the tax reform bill to the President by the end of the year

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