Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Tax plan will pay for itself

The spin is in full motion for the tax reform planOther comments

  • Trumps non negotiable aspect of tax plan is 20% corporate tax rate
  • federal government should not be in business of subsidizing states
  • Trump’s ojective that tax plan will not see tax cut for the wealthy
  • there is a chance for a fourth individual tax rates
  • he thinks Trump tax plans protections on GDP growth are very reasonable
  • The debt ceiling issue  needs to be fixed
  • It is inconceivable not to pay debts
  • Government can be funded through January 2018
  • Comfortable that US can get to higher 3% GDP level on a sustainable basis
  • Would like to make tax plan retroactive to beginning of 2017

Whoops.  He would be Treasury Secretary…grrrr

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