Theresa May: I’m proposing an implementation period under EU rules of around 2 years

Theresa May on the Brexit negotiations in Florence, Italy

  • She basically trying to punt Brexit two years down the road
  • We don’t want off-the-shelf model for future relationship
  • Canada model to restrictive for both economies, we can do so much better
  • We don’t want to stand in the way of EU reform and want to be a strong friend
  • We need to move on to talk about future relationship
  • British people want to be a global trading nation
  • British people want more direct control in decisions that will affect them
  • Will not put physical infrastructure on Irish border
  • We want to work hand-in-hand with the EU
  • Trade disputes can’t be resolved by ECJ or UK courts
  • Our fundamentals are strong

The implementation period was leaked/rumored earlier today.

She argued for a ‘creative’ deal about 10 times. I mean, we’re talking about buying and selling things from each other, how creative can you be?

She dangled a carrot about security and the huge UK defense budget.

Verdict: This speech had very little substance. She said she wanted a transition period of about 2 years.

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