The JPY is the strongest and the AUD is the weakest as risk off dominates

November 15, 2017. USD mixedThe risk-off sentiment is in full force today as stocks and yields fall.  That has the traditional «flight into the safety of the JPY» trade pushing the JPY higher. On the downside, the AUD is the one getting hit. The quarterly wage data out of Australia kicked the AUD lower  in the Asian session. The AUDUSD has been moving up and down for the London session, but is losing ground against the JPY, and NZD mainly during that session.

The ranges and changes show the USDJPY and most JPY crosses near low levels as North American traders enter.  There are good trading ranges in most JPY pairs as well with the high to low trading ranges near/at/above their 22-day averages (about a month of trading).  AUD pairs are also running and near extremes.

In other markets, the snapshot is showing:

  • Spot gold is up on the flight to safety trading by $4.80  or +0.37% at $1285.25
  • WTICrude oil futures are down $.58 or -1.02% at $55.12
  • US treasury yields are lower.  Two-year 1.675%, -1.2 basis points.  Five-year 2.031%, -2.6 basis points.  10 year 2.338% -3.3 basis points.  Thirty-year 2.798% -3.1 basis points
  • US stock futures in premarket trading are trading lower.  S&P futures are down -10.25 points.  Dow futures are down -102 points. NASDAQ futures are down -19.25 points.
  • In the European markets stocks are lower: German DAX -1%.  France’s CAC -0.45%.  UK’s FTSE -0.5%.  Spain’s Ibex -0.6%.  Italy’s FTSE MIB -1.1%
  • Yields in Europe are mostly lower in the 10 year sector.  Germany 0.361%, -3.6 basis points.  France 0.72%, -4 basis points.  UK 1.270%, -5 basis points.  Spain 1.521%, -1.3 basis points.  Italy 1.807%, -2.2 basis points.  Portugal 1.982%, +1.3 basis points

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