The GBP is the strongest as NA trader enter. The CHF is the weakest.

The USD is doing better too with gains against all pairs except the GBPAs North American traders enter for the day, the GBP is the strongest while the CHF is the weakest.  The USD is also strong — rallying against all major pair with the exception of the perky pound. The US senate approved a budget vehicle for possible tax reform. However, challenges do lie ahead. Any flight into the safety of the CHF is not there today as stocks are looking good, 30 years and 1 day after Black Monday.  

The  changes and ranges chart, shows that the USD is higher but off the highest levels a bit (top chart below). The EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, has seen little in the negative dollar side of the line today.  The ranges are pretty good suggesting activity in the market is pretty good too.

A snapshot of other markets shows:

  • Spot gold is down $.677. to 12.83
  • WTI Crude oil is down -0.28 to 51.01
  • The S&P futures are up 5.5 points. Dow futures are up 79 points.  

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