The Gary Cohn watch continues — said to leave if tariffs instituted

Rumours continue to follow Goldman Sachs’ man in the White House

The steel and aluminum tariffs have divided the White House with Gary Cohn on the losing side. That’s led to persistent rumours that he may quit.

«This decision is viewed inside the White House as a possible breaking point for Cohn, a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and some insiders believe he will depart if Trump doesn’t take his advice on the issue,» Bloomberg reports.

A breaking report now says Trump has told advisers that he believes Cohn will leave if he decides to enact the tariffs.

Today’s tweet from Trump could be an acknowledgement that he thinks Cohn is leaving.

Bloomberg also reported that Trump is being urged to sign the paperwork to impose the tariffs on Saturday in Pennsylvania.

It’s tough to envision Trump backing down at this point and rumours of key White House aides leaving are always doing the rounds, but Cohn has already passed the tax reform package and he might feel like he doesn’t have a real role any longer if he’s being ignored on trade.

Update: here’s the latest Bloomberg report.

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