Speaker of the House Ryan: Will have rash of corp inversions if Congress does act

More headlines on tax reformThe Speaker of the house adds:

  • Does not anticipate a big deficit effect from tax reform plan
  • The inducements in tax bill will lead to more investments and bigger job growth
  • We will have a rash of corporate inversions if Congress does not get tax reform done
  • Not worried about Republican agenda,, getting tax reform done after disputes between Trump and Republican senators
  • Does not think more time will get a better tax bill
  • Congress can do tax form quickly.  Better for the economy to move fast
  • There is a way to address state and local tax deductions so middle income households are winners
  • General interests clearly need to triumph over special interests to get tax reform done

He further adds:

  • FBI, justice department needs provide Congress documents on Democratic funding for Trump dossier immediately
  • Hard for Congress to do its job when FBI, justice are stonewalling
  • Document requests for FBI, justice have been out there for some time

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