Putin says Russia has developed missiles that no other country possesses

Russian president Putin across the wires 1 March

  • NATO’s build up on Russian borders and US anti-missile system will be rendered useless by Russia’s own build-up
  • Russianb military build-up designed to guarantee global peace
  • Russia does not intend to attack any other country
  • any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies will be regarded as an attack on Russia and will draw immediate response.

Putin bigging it up on the campaign trail and delivering his State of the Nation speech as election looms. Not that he’ll struggle to return to power.
An increasingly fragile world we live in nonetheless, also reflected in financial markets.

  • Tass report Russian fin min saying there will be no increase in defence spending
  • new weapons are part of 2027 budget already approved last year

Seemingly trying to stem the ruble fall after Putin’s address.
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