Pound looking perky so far but sellers lurking still

 A decent session so far for the pound 7 DecFailure to get below 1.3350, EURUSD stuck around 1.1785 on options interest and EURGBP falling through 0.8800 triggering stops to the next support area all helping.
After triggering a few stops above 1.3400 GBPUSD has been up to look at the 1.3425 area where we capped yesterday before the drop, and where I highlighted decent offers in my order board post earlier. Now back to 1.3405. Easy/good range-trading pips to be had.
GBPJPY buying also in the frame with USDJPY underpinned again but similarly we’ve seen sellers around 151.20 and now back to 151.00 again.
EURGBP still on session lows as I type suggesting some inherent euro weakness but near yesterday’s lows.

                                                          GBPUSD 1 HR                                                       EURGBP 15m
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