NZ election — Peters says he’ll wait until all votes are in before deciding

Winston Peters is head of the NZ First party, his decision on which side to support will likely decide the next NZ governmentCounting will finish on October 7, once all ‘special votes’ are in. Peters has previously said he’ll make a decision by October 12 (at the latest)

  • Nationals on 58 seats
  • Labour 45
  • NZ First 9
  • Greens 7
  • ACT 1

Counting of special votes may change some of the results (the change will not be large, but a few either way is important in such a tight contest).
61 seats is the target.
It’ll end up being a

  • National + NZ First coalition


  • Labour, Greens & NZ First coalition

Hence the focus on Mr. Peters and which way he’ll swing his support.

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