NZ data — business confidence and activity outlook both fall

ANZ business survey for September

  • Business confidence, 0.0 vs. prior 18.3
  • Activity Outlook, 29.6 vs. prior 38.2

Confidence drops to a 2 year low.From ANZ’s summary:

  • Activity, employment and investment expectations all remain at healthy levels, though peaks have been pared back.
  • Some of the paring back may reflect a maturing business expansion, but we’re more inclined to put the move down to political uncertainty.

ANZ comment:

  • «Most survey indicators have been pared back to levels prevailing a few months ago so we’re being careful not to read too much into it»

            more to come
Inflation expectations are part of this survey, they rose to 1.98% from 1.88%
—NZD a few points lower in the data—ANZ’s Business Outlook Survey shows the results of a monthly survey including 1,500 businesses nationwide:

  • analyses where the economy will be going over the next 12 months.

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