NZ BoP Current Account for Q4: NZD -2.77bn (expected NZD -2.45bn)

New Zealand Balance of Payments Current Account for Q4 2017

NZD — 2.77bn comes in at a larger deficit than expected, and the prior revised larger also 

  • expected NZD -2.45bn, prior -4.833bn, revised from -4.68bn

Current Account to GDP Ratio YTD (i.e. YTD for Q4 means for the whole of 2017)  2.7%

  • expected -2.6%, prior -2.5%, revised from -2.6%

Some details:

  • good deficit narrowed, increasing exports (aircraft purchases boosted imports)
  • services surplus increased
  • it was the income deficit that increased, increased outflow to foreign investors

NZD had a wobble but is back to little change compared with the immediate pre-reelase level. 
  —For more background on this, check out the post from earlier here Article Source

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