North Korea news crossing now — NK said to suspend missile tests

The South Korean National Security Adviser (Chung), speaking from the White House Chung says

  • NK leader Kim committed to denuclearisation
  • Kim will refrain from future tests, nuclear and missile
  • Says that Trump will meet with NK’s Kim by May 2018
  • Kim understands that the routine US/ South Korean military exercises must continue 
  • Kim expressed eagerness to meet with Trump ASAP
  • Along with Trump, South Korea is optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility of a peaceful resolution 

lets see how much of this comes to fruition … but on the face of it this is a win for Trump and the US …. and if it does increase the prospects for calm on the Korean peninsula its ait’s a win for everyone. 

ps. We had the heads up on the substance of this announcement earlier;

  • Announcement due on North Korea at top of hour — here is what it is!

As I update, USD/JPY is sitting on its session high around 106.40. It would seem the good news is out of the way, lets see how yen responds ahead of the BOJ due later. 

Catering the meeting between these two will be easy. French fries, bucketloads of French fries. Just keep ’em coming ….

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