New Zealand trade balance for August -1325m (expected -825m)

NZ data Trade balance for August, a bigger deficit than was expected Comes in at -1325m

  • expected -825m, prior +85m
  • Biggest deficit since September of 2016 
  • First deficit since February 2017
  • YTD trade deficit 3.2bn NZD

Exports 3.69bn a big miss

  • expected 4.05bn, prior 4.63bn

Imports 4.92bn

  • expected 4.8bn, prior 4.55bn

NZD marked a little lower on the result
For more detail on the result the Stats NZ website appears to be back up. I couldn’t access it in the wake of the data release.The main page re this data release is a bit bizarre (IMO), with the headline and opening lines focusing on kiwifruit exports. Maybe its good to focus on the positives though?Apologies in advance to those with an interest in kiwifruit I may offend with this post. FWIW I am down with kiwifruit otherwise.

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