MT4 to be discontinued

The forex trading platform has been the standard for a generation

Metatrader 4 probably hung on far longer than it should have but familiarity and community support made it the foreign exchange trading standard since it was introduced 12 years ago.

Metaquotes has been nudging people and brokers towards MT5 for years and now says it will halt development and «discontinue the sales of this software.»

«Its architecture was designed under the limitations of that time, due
to which it is no longer possible to implement new features that should
to meet nowadays increased requirements of the industry or the brokers
and traders demands,» they said.

The good news for the people who love it is that Metaquotes will continue supporting MT4 in its current state and will maintain technical support and security updates. So if your forex broker is still offering MT4, you can probably continue to use it.

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