Moves afoot in UK to bypass May and get a direct line to EU Brexit talks

The fragile political UK scene sees another turn of events 27 Oct

Thanks to our good friends at Livesquawk for the heads-up on an article published in the London Evening Standard a short while ago entitled «Top Tories plot to go over Theresa May’s head and seek their own EU talks»

As a rider t this post I should forewarn that the paper is edited by ex-fin min George Osborne, who since he was sacked by May has rarely passed up an opportunity to cause trouble. Hell have no greater fury than an axe-man scorned.

Say The Standard in an «exclusive»:

«A group of rebels wants an independent line of communication to check whether the Prime Minister is genuinely offering the best terms available.

The plan emerged after Brexit Secretary David Davis made clear that the Government intends to engineer a «take it or leave it» vote on the deal Mrs May negotiates.That would leave MPs under massive pressure to cave in to her terms or risk the chaos of a no-deal Brexit.

A former minister told the Evening Standard: «By talking directly to Europe we can assess whether Parliament has other options available, including the option to instruct the Prime Minister to go back to the negotiating table and seek new terms.»

More from the story here

The sorry Brexsh*t farce continues.

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